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Our Contact Details

During the day we are usually out and about in the yard, so if you need to contact us it's best to use our mobile 07785 522 735.

The landline number 01290 421 639 is also our home, so please be considerate and call after 9am and before 6pm.

How to find us…

Blackstone Farm
Rigg Road,


East Ayrshire
KA18 3JJ


Email: info@digaday.co.uk


Children on The Farm


Due to several reasons, not least safety and that Blackstone Farm is A WORKING FARM, we have found it necessary to introduce the following rules regarding the presence of children on the Farm:  


  • All Children MUST be signed in and out of the farm by a parent or guardian, and are ONLY accepted on the Farm, when they are fully aware of the dangers of being in close proximity to excavators & animals.

  • Children are NOT permitted to bring friends with them.

  • The above rules apply to ALL youngsters on the Farm. Parents will be contacted to come and remove immediately any children found to be on the Farm contrary to the above rules.

The DIG-a-Day Experience

Important Information

Participant Information Form T&C's

Privacy Statement & Information

  • No Minimum age but due to health and safety, there is a minimum height for this activity. For the full experience we have a minimum Height Restriction of 5ft. Below 5ft don’t fret you can still participate in the experience but you will not be able to interact with all plant types.

  • Children must be accompanied by an Adult. (under 16’s need parental/guardian consent)

  • Fitness/Health - Participants should be in reasonable health and agile enough to lift and carry. Medical questionnaire will be required to be completed, medication, medical conditions and medical allergies, all of this is on the booking form, please be honest!

  • Driving on rough terrain may not be suitable for those with heart, back or neck conditions, nor if you are pregnant

  • Where a lone DIG-a-Day Experience is booked, all accompanying guest are welcome free, to visit but please phone or email to make us aware that your will be accompanying the paying guest.

  • You are required to sign a waiver declaring that you understand the instructions given to you by staff and that you feel you have the capability to interact and operate the excavator. In the case of a child, a parent or guardian needs to sign the waiver. The participant understands that anyone participating or coming near excavators can suffer bodily or other injuries. The participant agrees to assume the risk of injury or death caused by the activity, and any other consequential losses resulting from such an incident.

  • Once on the experience if the weather should change and you are getting very cold/wet/both please tell us, we have emergency clothing and procedures to ensure the situation does not deteriorate, please inform us, don't be brave! Weather Restrictions:  This activity will only be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, or to run the event safely, in which case you will be notified in advance. It is snow and ice that is likely to stop the event running so, if this is forecast, please contact the venue as late as possible before setting off to check that the event will be able to run.
  • You are responsible for filling out the information form as accurately and as truthfully as possible and under no circumstances to exaggerate ability or fitness levels. We reserve the right to measure all guests [always confidentially].

  • We will not take anyone on this experience without suitable footwear and clothing.

  • Insurance - The participant is responsible for taking out all the necessary personal sports insurance; this must be obtained by the participant, this gives you better cover in the unfortunate event of any mishap.

  • Choice of Excavators - We determine who is operating what digger by the information you give us, we may be able to leave you on the same excavator for the duration of the experience, and we may not. Again, other folk may wish to try a variety of Excavators, we will endeavour to give you the excavator(s) you want but it is at our judgement and discretion.

Important! Please understand If we discover that your ability has been greatly exaggerated and we feel you could be putting yourself at risk or the rest of the team at risk due to your lack of control, after due consideration and discussion we may feel it necessary to remove you from the experience. If this is the case we will not refund any monies.


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